Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pants are a coming!!!!

Been busy busy busy sewing this week, Lily has been helping me out in my sewing room, well sort of, sorting buttons and fabrics. which was going oh so well until she decided the pile of buttons sitting on my cutting mat were a puddle and she decided to splish and splash in them .. what a great lark!!! She loves going through fabrics, oohing and ahhing, every now and then she'll pick one up and wrap it around herself as a dress. LOL

Anyway, so far I've finished three pairs of pants, put the pockets on another four pairs and have another three pairs cut to go... phew!!! I was planning on them all being fairly boyish, or at least gender neutral but the red heart ones just sort of snuck in; I really couldn't help it. They were made before I even realised what was going on. I decided to do some bootlegs for the boys as I think boys look grouse in bootlegs, shame they're not more readily available. (and of coourse, I'm rebelling against the horrible skinny leg jeans look which SHOULD NEVER be seen on small children *shudder* ). here we have
Retro Rockers Bootleg Pants ~ size 2

Hearty Bums Flared Pants ~ size 2

Tranquil Dreaming Wide Leg Pants ~ size 0

Surfs Up Bootleg Pants ~ Size 0

Lagon Dragon Bootleg Pants ~ size 1

Don't be Koi Wide Leg Pants ~ size 2

Zip It Wide Leg Pants ~ size 1

Oh, and newsletter subscribers wil be the only ones to get an advance warning of the stocking times for these. ;)

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  1. Wow I am tired just reading all that! Just joined the mailing list ;)


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