Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For Asher...

The good thing about big drives, like the one back from Adelaide, is that I get a chance to get loads of knitting done while Andy drives. So this is what I achieved on the way back on Sunday, unfortunately I had to give it in as it got too dark to do the increases I'm doing on the legs. Lily stole my Craft Alley row counter bracelet, so I stole her DoodlePro and used that. As I haven't done any more since we've been home my markings are still on it and she can't have it. LOL
This is my favourite tree, banksia integrifolia , Coastal Banksia, and it is indigenous to this area. I planted it in January 2002 when we were establishing our garden, it was a 40cm tall seedling. Now it's about 6 metres tall (Andy's estimate) and has thrived. It is totally self sufficient in terms of water, and hasn't been watered since the first season it was planted. It's amazing how much it has grown, and it is so exciting to see it with so many flowers. Andy's hoping we'll get some black cockies visit soon!

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  1. ohhhhhh i love them tik! my lucky lucky little man:D he's gonna look stunning in them stop that sewing and get back to knitting lol


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