Saturday, April 14, 2007

And something for the kids..

Our kiddies for a change....

Thought I would whip up some pants for Asher and Tully before we leave and head home to Victoria. So in return Megsie painted a pair of pants I'd made for Lily with.. lillies. Very cute, huh!! These are my new flare cute, the legs are narrower than the bootleg and I've extended the hems out to create a more elongated (LOL) flare than the bootleg. These are my rebellion against skinny legs; I've seen babies and toddlers in tight skinny leg jeans and I have just one thing to say about that, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!

Anway, here are Lily's finished lillies. :D

Megsie picked out three different fabrics from my stash; a Michael Miller Dick and Jane, a retro print and this Alexander Henry "pixie" print. Then we asked Tully to choose which one she wanted, she chose this beautiful gold and sparkly one. This is one of my long time hoarded pieces, the only reason it's being used is because I found another fat quarter of it to cherish and pet. (I'm a bit sad when it comes to gilded fabrics LOL) So the brief was pockets to put stuff in, again I used a flare cut, and must say, am loving these to bits. Think I will have to make Lily some out of this fabric too... if only I can find more of this fabric!!!

And for Asher, Megsie bought this Michael Miller print 'Surf's up' at my LFS. The images of the turtles are incredibly cute, some of the loveliest I've seen. These have also got big pockets for putting stuff in, they're a little long on Asher as I made a size 1 for him to grow into over winter. Again, I've altered my boy's pants pattern to have a wider leg tha I used to do and I think I like it better.

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  1. how lucky am i...well my kids. tully had an accident in her fairy pants yesterday (opps)and wanted to put them on again, wet and all. lol she loves them. carts dollies around in her pockets ..way cute


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