Sunday, April 29, 2007

A literary bent....

*sigh* How perfectly divine is this!!! Some fabric to match a book, for a literary and fabric nut like me this is just about as good as it gets. My darling mother was telling me about this gorgeous Michael Miller fabric quite a few months ago, she'd seen it in one of her quilting mags, but it wasn't available here as yet. The reason she was telling me this, I had just bought Lily this gorgeous hardback copy of Dick and Jane. The illustrations are just beautiful. It was one of the way too many books I had purchased for her birthday, we LOVE books here, so it has been put away for later.

So now the fabric has found a new home in my stash, and surprisingly for me, I've even managed to cut into the spotty one !!!!!*gasp* That's where the little circle pics for Emma's little pinnie came from. I've also cut out little smock top/dress for Lily out of it, just need to find the perfect coordinating fabric for the bodice. I think I'll give her the book and the dress together when it's finished, she'll just love that!! The other yardage is just awaiting the perfect project.

You know, I think there should be more literary fabrics, not those of a licensed nature, which I despise, but these with a more nostalgic feel. I know there's also some Beatrix Potter fabric which I am tempted by, the largest crafting project I have ever undertaken is a cross stitched quilt which has the pictures and The Tale of Peter Rabbit on it; it took me aaages to finish, maybe six or so months of pretty solid work. I wish that fabric had have been around then, it would have been perfect to back my quilt in.

Anyway, that alone has given me a fun little idea for my next stocking... hmmm...


  1. I love that fabric. I keep oggling it but can never think of what quite to do with it. I will be perfect for your stuff though.

  2. Lucky girl - I love the sound of the book and a dress out of matching fabric. What a gorgeous present that will be.

  3. Ahh we love love love our (well Em's!) Dick & Jane pinni :D It is just the loveliest thing ever!!

    Inspiring as always Georgie :D



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