Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rainbow Dress wool kits

How cool are these!!!

Rainbow Dress yarn kits with all the yarn to knit a rainbow dress with contrasting bodice!!! I've seen Fi's dyeing, and can honestly say she's pretty damn good. The girl is a chemical engineer after all!!

Seriously, I'm really stoked to see Fi doing these and I know that anyone who purchases her yarn will be thoroughly delighted with it. And even though she's based in NZed I did hear a whisper she may ship to Australia. ;)


  1. Your link doesn't work - needs an extra 'w' in the 'www'

  2. Thanks Georgie :) Will post overseas for sure, just need a little prompt, and I will fix up pricing.

  3. Hi there

    Just found out about your blog yesterday and wanted to say that you are very talented. Your knitting patterns/designs are gorgeous.

    Have just knitted a "Little Sister Dress" for our new niece born last week and now I wish I'd seen your rainbow dress first!

    Plan to knit one now and WYB Fi is just down the road from us in NZ literally. Must be serendipity, lol, just love her yarns.


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