Wednesday, January 28, 2009

down to the beach

So the summer holidays are just about over... just about. Teachers are back at school today. And the kids, depending on the school; anytime between tomorrow and next Monday. True to form, the hot weather begins, it's too hot to be honest. A week of 40 degrees. bleugh!! That's not fun :( Despite the heat wave and Andy having to go back to work, we do love this time of the year. The tourists all head back to their homes and leaves ours alone for us. bliss.

Last night in the heat of the evening we headed down to the beach at about 6:30pm.

Lily had a bit of a play in the waves and then headed off to build sand castles; probably for the imaginary princesses that seem to go everywhere with her.
I frogged Toby's legs up and popped him in the ergo for his first visit to the beach. I can't believe he's 10 weeks old and it's the first time we've taken him to the beach. Ah, that's what tourist season does. He's very at home being carried and is used to being in either a wrap, pouch or mei tai but I think he liked the ergo best of all and dozed off pretty much straight away after checking out the water.
He spent most of his time covered up by his hat but had a little peak out for some photos of this big occasion.
ahhh bliss, the evening beach. Beautiful!


  1. beaut shots tik. The last is stunning:D
    Poor neglected Toby, 10 weeks and his first beach visit lol he looks like he's enjoying the serenity

  2. Magic!

    Do you prefer the ergo or the mei tai? I don't have a mei tai and wonder if it's too late to bother.

  3. Oh I love the last shot Tikki, all the photos are beautiful :)

  4. Looks lovely, must be hard in that sort of heat with a tiny one who wants fed and cuddled!

  5. I've only got homemade mei tais to compare to, but the ergo was cooler to wear and more comfy for me. I'd love to invest in a decent mei tai though


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