Wednesday, January 07, 2009


A little post about some mini knits.

Lily has been wanting me to knit Belle a dress for ages and ages, she'd even chosen a pattern which I was a bit hohum about.  Then in my friends page on Ravelry up popped this little beauty, for those who are not Rav savvy it's a little rainbow dress modified to fit a baby doll. *Light bulb* moment.
I love the fact that I was inspired to knit a version of my own pattern my someone else's modifications of it!! Fantastic!!

So here's Belle in her rainbow dress :)

This little bag arose out of the dreaded plastic toy epidemic sweeping all good supermarkets pre Christmas.  Lily found a revolting plastic cash register toy with pretend food and a lovely shopping basket that would have been broken in about 10 minutes, and of course she wanted it for Christmas.  Luckily she understands that Santa can't make plastic toys in his workshop, he can only make wooden ones ;)  So Santa was lovely enough to bring her a wooden cash register and some more wooden food for her collection.  I knit her this to do her shopping with, and she loves it! The plastic crap hasn't been mentioned since *phew*

(apologies for the rav links)
knit in some Spotlight cotton bought on sale a couple of years ago.
And for something completely cool and mini to knit, check this out! The little boyo here will be getting one of these pretty soon me thinks!!


  1. back to your knitting roots tik lol. I remember some much smaller knits for our barbies in similar colourways. Were they legwarmers? I do remember a stripey dress I think though. Too cute anyways and as for the bag ....can I have one too? mwah

  2. Love the wee bag. The rocket is a great pattern

  3. My daghter would love the dress for her doll and the little shopping bag. She also received a lovely wooden cash register for christmas, so I may have to knit the bag for her, what a great idea! X


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