Wednesday, January 21, 2009


1.  the cocky's crest on Toby's head that tickles my nose when he snuggles on my chest.

2.  Lily's random declarations; "Mum?"  "yes, Lily"  "I love you."

3. the feeling of bare feet on the cool floorboards on a hot day.

4.  staying up late watching Planet earth and snuggling with Andy on the couch.

5.  crunchy iceberg lettuce and juicy cherries.

6. knitting with cotton.
7.  bits for bots cloth nappies.

8. going to bed with just Andy and I in the bed and waking with all four of us snuggled up.

9. Re-reading Kate Grenville's 'The Idea of Perfection.'

10. listening to Lily play while sitting here feeding Toby.


  1. Sounds absolutely divine! and how gorgeous is your little man! Too cute ;-)

  2. Sweet :) Your little green boy looks very cute with his dolly.
    I love hearing my kids laughing together.

  3. loving...that cheeky little grin:D and missing it too actually;)

  4. Oh my Tikki, he's just scrumdiliumptious. Loving those chubby little cheeks.


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