Friday, January 30, 2009

hot hot hot

yep, it's hot here in Victoria. We're sweltering through a bit of a heat wave! 45.3 degrees yesterday, ouch!!! I almost burnt my hand on the door handle checking how hot it was outside yesterday!! I can't remember the last time Lily wore any clothing and Toby has spent most of the time butt naked, lying on a towel and some bamboo muslin staring and giggling at the fan above my bed . Upside, less nappies to wash; downside, more towels, wraps and sheets. Baby boy's wee is so unpredictable.

At least today is tipped to be a bit cooler here at only 40 degrees. I seriously contemplated driving the two and a half hours drive to my mum's when I saw their forecast was only 33 for today. But then I figured, we're on the coast too, the Surf Coast is tipped for cooler weather, surely it won't get to 40 here, maybe in Geelong but we might get some coastal cooling. Here's hoping!

Now I've experienced heat like this before, we lived for a time in Paraburdoo, and 40 degrees plus is average temp this time of year. Heck, it gets to 50 there. But, you expect it there, you aclimatise to it, you have big-ass aircos in your house. There is a reason I live here and not in Paraburdoo. 40 degrees plus for days on end is just rude!


  1. Aww, cute little hot sleeping boy!

  2. Hopefully you get a nice sea breeze this arvo.

  3. I uswd to live at Tom Price and the dry heat is a bit easier to handle than the humidity isn't it! Keep cool :)

  4. Thinking about you guys over here. Your weather sucks at the mo. I remember those powercuts with the NSW/VIC powercuts 2y ago, and I had a 3wo baby, no wind, no power and 40odd. That sucked :(


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