Tuesday, January 27, 2009

more mini

A square for a baby blanket
in Cleckheaton Country 8 ply

Three fishy washcloths for three little monkeys
in Bendigo 8ply cotton

Two Ballband washcloths
in Bendigo 8 ply cotton

These were supposed to be dishcloths for Megsie who was complaining she needed some more. When I gave them to her she declared them too soft for dishcloths and has put them aside as washcloths for her new bub. Now I'm knitting her some more dishcloths. Cunning, really. Lucky I'm nice.


  1. I'm doing a Bendigo cloth at the moment, and I concur they are very nice and soft. Seems a waste to use them in the kitchen. The ballband pattern is cute huh?
    Are you making the blanket out of all 12ply, or just working them all to the same size with different gauge?

  2. The little feet in your blanket square are adorable.

  3. I think it might be well time Megsie learnt to knit. ;)

  4. That blanket square is just too cute - lovely ;-)

  5. The blanket square is for someone else's blanket, Fi. I'm just starting on mine in 8 or 10 ply 20cm squares in green.

    LOL Jacki, megsie knows how to knit, she just doesn't really like it, prefers making pixies!

  6. the blanket square is awesome tik. so cute:D
    lmao Jack:p tried knitting, was crap at it and tik spent way too much time fixing up my mistakes. Me and knitting just aren't friends. I'm just lucky to have a sweet sis to indulge my wants

  7. that blanket square is just gorgeous tikki. the footprint just like someone have walked across it.


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