Wednesday, May 14, 2008

getting back into the swing of things... i hope

It probably seems like I've disappeared off  the face of this blog, which I guess I have sort of.  the above picture might help to explain my absence.. not necessarily the appointments and ultrasound itself, just really the first trimester of pregnancy with all the fun bits that come with it... vomiting, nausea and tiredness. Growing a baby sure is hard work!!

But anyway now we're through that first trimester and the yucky bits are easing, I feel like I'm getting control over all those things that have gone a little haywire the last couple of months, perhaps except my washing basket, not sure why that is always so crazy!!

Have been getting a bit of sewing done, just can't seem to do the late night gigs I used to.  Been having lots of fun with some appliques for fleece longies; two of the five below are destined for the shop, one is a custom and the other two are gifts :D  I have four more appliques just about finished. 

Lily and I had a lovely Saturday shopping expedition last weekend while Andy went crayfish diving. We hit the fabric stores as well as hunted out some new tshirts for her, one for me and some new jeans for Andy.  First up some lovely fleeces, Lily choose two of the colours (the pinks) as she desperately wants me to make her some seastar fleece longies, interesting considering that she will only wear dresses LOL
Some purple windcheater fabric for some trackie pants for Lily (more pants strangely enough), this gorgeous patterned velvet and some lovely grey interlock fabric for some pants for me. I had planned to make some funky little flares for Lily out of the velvet but as she so nicely pointed out she'd prefer a dress from it, so a dress it will be!


  1. Oh big congrats to you!!! Rest up now if you can, you'll probably get a great big surge of energy in the second trimester and get heaps done...I'm in the slowdown phase now myself and just wanting to get to the other side!

  2. Congratulations!!!
    Hope all the puking and tiredness settles down for you soon!

  3. aww lovely pic of your scan Tikki :) I totally sympathise with those yucky early symptoms. glad they settle down for you now.

    so when are the flongies up? LOL

  4. Big congrats :) What an exciting (if somewhat exhausting!) time for you.

  5. so nice to see a post tik! Love the pants, the tulips are amazing! Def my fav's.
    Great fabrics too, the patterned vlevet is awesome

    lol at your washing baskets;) I can just picture them actually rofl

  6. thanks everyone :D

    Leave my washing baskets alone megsie, i only have one now ~ think I might get a new one today actually PMSL

    Ying, the fleece longies will probably go up on the weekend, I'll put them up to preview first for sizings.;)


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