Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifting Thursday

My local oppies have been pretty dry of late, with not much goodness to be found there. Doing the rounds has netted very little excitement recently but our last visit we did manage to find a couple of gorgeous little Golden Books and a game of My First Scrabble, which bears basically no resemblance whatsoever to the grown up version of scrabble; apart from the words involved ~ I guess that's marketing.

Anyway, we came home withe The Colour Kittens and a beautiful Joan Walsh Angland; from which you can see some of the illustrations above.

I remember as children we used to draw people with heads the shape of Bs; I wonder now if this lady's work is where we got our inspiration from.  I may even get inspired and share some of those pics tomorrow for Archive Friday; another meme that seems to have appeared in my hiatus.


  1. omg tik , I'm a bit jealous of the Joan Walsh Anglund Book. The wedding picuture is so sweet. It is a different colour kittens from our childhood though. Ours was brighter and yep, much cuter.

    I have some B girl pictures too. I'll share if you do

  2. Oh I LOVE Joan Walsh Anglund. I still have my much treasured childhood copy of What Color Is Love.


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