Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crafting away!!

I love the way Lily crafts. 
I love her individual approach. 
I love the way she uses her craft stuff how she wants to which is not generally how they're "supposed" to be used. 
Thankfully having an art teacher for a sister has taught me to resist showing her the way things "should be" used and directing her craft time or feeling the need to do it myself or make sure there's a finished product.
 It's so much more creative this way and I'm constantly amazed at what she does and the process she takes; there's a lot you can learn from a little one's mind when they haven't been trained to produce in  a certain manner.

Anyway, Lily's crafting time usually begins spontaneously with her announcing, "I'm going to make something." She'll then announce all the things she will need and heads off to her craft box. I'm not sure if she actually always knows what she's planning on producing, sometimes she seems to have a definite idea, other times it seems to just evolve.

For this activity, she decided she needed plasticine (as opposed to playdough), glitter (there's always glitter involved LOL we've found that glitter in shakers is really cool to play with, if you can't find the shakers you can just put it in an old herb jar), fairy stamps, glue and stickers. Most things involve stickers.

She started off by making this little shape with a multitude of different coloured plasticine, to which she added glue, glitter and of course stamped it with the fairy stamps.

Next she pressed some star shaped stickers along it.
I love the look of concentration here!!!
And the final product is, a caterpillar... apparently!! He now takes pride of place on my shelf in the sewing room. :D


  1. clever girl! It's a wonderful caterpillar (big round of applause). Gorgeous photos tik:) Tully is going to love seeing these

  2. Hilarious! What an awesome caterpillar!
    Jenna calls craft time her "work". Most days involve copious amounts of glitter glue, scissors, tape and paper!!

  3. That is so sweet. What a wonderful little crafter.


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