Tuesday, April 22, 2008

still getting there

slowly, ever so slowly

but anyway some previews of some new stock for the shop, I'll pop them up over the next day or so, after I send out a newsletter.
  *sigh* the pants were meant to go up days ago, but somehow didn't happen. 
My apologies :)


  1. Looks great :) Love the flongies!

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous as always :D

    Can I admit that my greatest sadness in discovering that we are having a boy, is the fact that Em's beautiful jeans and top from you and Megsie won't be worn again? She has only just grown out of them too, they have been a staple for a year now!

    Do LMK if you'd ever be up for a trade again... got a whole new baby to dress now yay!! LOL.



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