Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the last leaf

Winter is definitely nearing, only ten days until the official end of Autumn. We had a very windy weekend which hastened the leaf shedding process of our fruit trees, the nectarine tree was bare today apart from this last leaf. The little Ballerina apple tree you can see next to it, is only just beginning to turn. Andy's pet Golden Orb spider has vanished and the leaves are dying back on the zucchini plants.  

I love the native that flower at this time of the year. Our sheoaks have a gorgeous golden glow as they're in full flower. Every day on our walk Lily has to stop to collect the eucalypt flowers that have fallen from the trees lining our streets.  

Today we had to go hunting for bigger gum nuts to make ducks out of, just like Jay off Playschool. 

And with winter coming, here's a little black cord pinnie ready to hit the shop. It's been sitting on my pile for a good couple of weeks awaiting the right buttons and buttonholes... finally got it finished today!!  I'll put it up for preview tonight (hopefully) and send it live tomorrow night around 8pm.. all going well!

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