Saturday, May 17, 2008

some more fleece longies

no B girls, I'm still looking for the pics but some fleece longies that are up previewing in the store. I've already previewed the tulips but the other three are all new applique designs, I want to keep doing new designs as much as possible so that every pair is unique but it is hard to keep coming up with images I must admit. Boyish ones are particularly hard as I naturally seem to lean towards the cute girly stuff. So if anyone has any ideas for appliques shoot away... please!!!

I've got a couple more to finish off, hopefully tomorrow and pop up them, including the fish ones from the last applique post. they're a wee little size 00... aww!!! I keep wondering whether I should do some 000 size for all the little newborns, but not sure.  There's also a butterfly in the works, then back to some black denim, cord and hemp me thinks ;)
Lily's been helping me put the photos on the computer tonight, she's very fascinated by the idea of a shop on the computer and asks lots of questions about how it works, trying to get her head around it. Tonight she asked me to please not sell any of the toys she plays with in the shop LOL I think the photo with her ragdoll in it had her a bit worried.  She also saw one of Megsie's pixies in the shop and I think she was a little concerned Megsie was selling Tully's dolls. 
Anyway, fleece longies up previewing will go live around 9 pmish tonight AEST.

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