Wednesday, May 28, 2008

leftovers 101: Mashed potato

I honestly think this recipe must be the best use of a leftover vegie EVER!!! Gawd, is this cake every yummy!! It's Boston bun and the recipe is from my mum. She used to make it for us as little ones. We probably had so much left over mash as my sister Megan used to pretend she was allergic to mashed potato; she even wrote it on a camp form once under allergies! 

I don't get the chance to make it very often, even if I deliberately make extra mashed potato as my husband is a mashed potato fiend, like all his five brothers. He'll eat mash until it comes out his ears. 

So I was quite excited (and that's probably a little sad really) when I found a tub of leftover mash in the fridge this morning from last night's dinner.  Lily and I made this cake today and she helped with the icing and the coconut on top ~ hence it's a little messy ~ but still really really yummy!!!

It's a really nice moist cake, not a particularly high one, yummy served either warm or cold; and for added deliciousness you can slice it and spread with a little margarine. 
And at Megsie's request, here's the recipe (quick and easy):


1/2 cup mashed potato
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 1/4 cup self raising flour
1 pinch salt
1 cup mixed fruit

Cream the potato and sugar (this isn't really creamed, but the sugar sort of melts into the potato)
Add the other ingredients and mix together.
Pour into a greased tin, I just used a round cake tin. 
Bake in a moderate(180 C) over for 20 minutes.
Cool and then ice.


  1. What an awesome recipe! I'm going to make mash potato just to try it out!

  2. thanks tik! yummmooooo Mum would find this worthy of a chuckle I reckon

  3. I second Megs! Annie would be chuckling! I'm trying this one for sure. Oh and allergic to Mash - good one

  4. Thanks Tikki!! That sounds a great thing to try and make when we get our next sack of spuds :) Only 2 left in the cupboard at the mo.....


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