Tuesday, March 04, 2008

pear or lemon?

I was convinced that the fruit on this dress was a pear until Andy said to me last night, "I like the lemon dress." 
"It's a pear," I said.
"You sure," he said. "Looks like a lemon to me."

so I looked twice at it, and it really got me thinking... is it a pear or a lemon?  The fabric is just called "juicy", it's an awesome retro style 50s inspired print from Alexander Henry.  

So what do you think it is; a pear or a lemon?

or maybe there's one of each there????

anyway, it'll be up on on ozebaby later this evening ;)


  1. well the colour and shape look like a lemon but the leaves on top make me think they are pears hmmmm whatever it's cute!

  2. I must admit when I first saw it I wondered what you were on LOL I think they look like lemons but that is JMO

  3. Definitely lemons...definitely cute!!

  4. lemons have my vote!! lol

  5. oh dear, I'm outvoted. but if you look at a lemon the stem comes out of the flat part of the fruit, not the narrower end. I'm confused LOL

  6. definitely lemons.

  7. Definately lemons, and still very cute.


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