Sunday, March 16, 2008

this is .... my creation

This week's this is comes from Betty the Geek.  

My blog really is a journey of my creations to show what I make for both my shop and for my own personal life. I usually include lots of sewing and some knitting so for this meme  I wanted something different from what I normally show.

I decided to choose the thing that had taken me the longest to create, and something that is supposed to be an heirloom for my daughter Lily.  It is a cross stitched cot size quilt with 12 images taken from the Beatrix Potter book The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It took me a bloody long time to stitch, I started it way before Lily was born not knowing whether she was a girl or boy, hence the gender neutral tones.  After she was born I soon learnt the delicate art of cross stitching and breastfeeding at the same time. And no, she never got pricked with my needle!

Anyway, these are some close ups from the quilt.  Once I finished the stitching my mum hand-quilted it and hand-stitched on the backing, so it is totally made with hands ~ no machining at all.
It's been through the wash a few times in the last almost three years but has held up well. I just noticed while photographing it it needs another wash as Lily had her lunch sitting on it today a la picnic style *rolls eyes*
I love the language of Beatrix Potter. A great base for kids to develop lovely wide vocabularies. I love how the sparrows implore Peter to exert himself!
Strangely enough, I don't think I've really done any cross stitch since I finished this LOL
Maybe one day I'll drag out some of my other old cross stitches and photograph them too.
And here's my most beautiful creation of all, lying down on it to be photographed.
And lastly, here is Lily "creating". She's making a princess crown. What was I thinking to leave an almost three year old alone with two jars of glitter for 5 minutes!!! After finishing the crown she took off her nightie, and put clag on herself and attempted to stick glitter all over her body!!!  It's a pretty cool crown though, I must say :D


  1. oh george i think that lily is by far your greatest creation! Closely followed by that boy george doll you made in high school;)

  2. Wow that cross stitch is incredible.

  3. How gorgeous you clever thing! Oh and you are a very tolerant mummy...not sure I could handle all that glitter and paste around here!!!

  4. the quilt is amazing! what patience you must have!!

  5. Oh girl, this is sóóóó gorgeous! Lots of work, but very pretty result!

  6. omigod...that is an amazing piece of work.

    AND you are far more tolerant than I am ..but maybe I was back in my days of little ones. Maybe. ;-)

  7. *laughs* I'm 25 years old and I still craft like that - that could be a picture of me on any given day!

    your cross stitch is gorgeous - you really captured the potter illustrations!

  8. That is such an impressive quilt. Any child would be lucky to have such a thing!

  9. What a beautiful creation and such a special heirloom! It is lovely.

  10. The photo of your daughter with the glitter is priceless..the quilt is absolutely beautiful....

  11. oh my goodness! that quilt is amazing! Lily has obviously inherited her mum's talent

  12. WOW what an amazing handiwork of love in that quilt! be very very pleased with it... and thankyou for the inspiration to finish my children's birth samplers! ;)v


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