Sunday, March 09, 2008

a couple of previews

ahh, blogger has been a bit naughty today!!! Slowly working away on the sewing today, while entertaining the little princess mad one.  She's very excited today as her uncle Tim has come to visit. She thinks he's come to do jigsaws with her... not quite. Last time Tim did jigsaws with Lily he did have find some of the nine piece ones a little tricky which caused Daddy to remark that "Uncle Tim struggles a little bit with jigsaws."  

Today she asks him, "Daddy, what else does Uncle Tim struggle with?"  *oops*  Uncle Tim did see the funny side of it luckily!!!

Anyway, a couple of shorts finished and up on ozebaby now...
and a couple of pairs of pants to come probably tomorrow :)

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  1. hmmmmm shark pants and PIRATE pants! sound fantastic! look forward to seeing them G :-)


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