Friday, March 07, 2008

tag a lag

I've been tagged by Megsie from pint's palette.  I have to share some stuff about myself...hmm.

Firstly, here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs 
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So here we go, seven facts hey....

1. We went through a stage when we were living in Ballarat where the house either behind or next to us burnt down.  I think there were about three or four in total.  In one case we saw the house next door being extinguished while watching the news in Hamilton!!! We lived in a miner's cottage and had a shared driveway. When we got back home we realised how lucky we were when we saw all the scorch marks on our wall.  
Ironically this all occurred AFTER we had flooded both a real estate agent AND a recording studio which we lived above in a small flat in Lydiard St.

2. I like to hoard.. erm...  collect things. I have a hard time particularly parting with clothes. I still have some stuff I wore as a teenager *blush* (not a lot just some of my favourite items  ~ hey, it's all coming back in fashion)  hell, I still even have my brownie uniform that would have been worn late 70's/early 80's. 

3. I have a fear of walking on piers. It is quite ridiculous and makes no sense whatsoever, even if I fell off I'm a strong swimmer. It's got something to do with being able to see between the gaps in the planks, why, I have no idea.  If there's big gaps I walk really funny on them, and clutch the edge.  Those swinging plank bridges are the stuff of my nightmare.  

4. As a teenager my friend Nis and I used to be obsessed with Pseudo Echo. We used to particularly love Funky Town. We'd put the video on and dance to it, doing all the moves ~ she'd pretend she was Brian Canham and I'd pretend to be James Leigh. The best bit was where there was a music build up to a wang on the guitar and we'd get down on our knees LOL 

5. When I first started working as a teacher one of the other teachers at my school tried to kick me out of the photocopying room; she thought I was a student. I was 25.

6. I like bright colours and rarely wear black.

7. My daugher, too, will only wear dresses.  She likes to choose what dress she is going to wear each day with the help of her rocking horse.

Now who to tag.... I'm aiming for some peeps who haven't been tagged with this already.

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