Sunday, February 24, 2008


a couple of shots of two pieces I have been playing around with today. I was thinking as I saw the two pieces sitting on my ironing board (thanks Andy and Lily for my flash-arse new ironing board cover :D) how different in fabric texture, colour and approach these two pieces were. They're such a contrast.

This little sundress, for example, is so light and summery both in the lightness of fabric and the images on the fabric; the pears and the pretty yellow and white. Team this with the sunny yellow ricrac and its just complete girliness.

By contrast, this pair of shorts are made from 100 per cent black hemp denim; there's a lovely rugged nubbliness to the fabric. I really like it. And the fabric I have used for the pockets, despite the tiki's being in bright colours just seems to work with the black hemp. It suggests a sort of rebellious boyish image to me. Something slightly more cooler than skulls I think ;)

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  1. love the lemons tik: I tagged you. check out my blog to see the rules if you want to play


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