Monday, March 17, 2008

the fruits of our non-labour

We're what I'd term accidental gardeners these days. There once was a time when we were very focussed on our garden, particularly the native plant side of it, and we spent time every week tending to it lovingly. Now the natives pretty much fend for themselves apart from the odd trim.  And it's always a bit of a surprise if we manage to grow any fruit or vegies. 

Excitingly, this year Andy has been quite committed to the vegie patch, and we're currently enjoying capsicums. zucchinis, strawberries, baby spinach as well as the herbs that seem to grow so well here (what to do with an oversupply of sage though??)

Even more exciting has been our fruit crop that has now come to an end. Last year our little apples were mostly picked by a helpful toddler well before they were ready. This year we had a good little crop and they were sooo yummy. The best part was our peaches though. Andy decided the peach tree was in need of a trim and in trimming it discovered about a dozen peaches of the yummy golden flesh variety. This has been the first year our tough little peach tree has produced so well. They've only been in for 4 years I think.


  1. Gosh you guys are doing well! What I wouldn't give for a fruit tree.

    My zucchinis never made it, and either the dog or the birds are eating the strawberries...but the eggplants, capsicums and tomatoes keep coming!

    How are you watering them? We are using bath water, but they need more than the regular watering days :(.

  2. mmm yum! Well done on actually getting FRUIT from your fruit trees!


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