Thursday, February 07, 2008

some previews at last!!!

Finally up to date with customs etc. and able to get back into the swing of things. I'm a bit nervous after not having sold for over a month... seems like a lot longer! Hope people remember who I am.

Having a lovely time on the new machine, it has some beautiful functions and finishes. A great investment.

First up a couple of pairs of Vduds, these are a longer length size 1; good for those who want a capris length or the petite toilet trained toddler.  They'll even fit as full length for a size 00.

I made one of these tshirts with the shark star for a little friend's second birthday, I love it!!! so much that I thought I'd put a few up for sale.  I like that it's really boyish but no skulls, trucks, etc.  I think it's just really cool!!
And a new style that Lily's already been wearing for a few months now (obviously not this one though LOL); a wraparound skirt. 
All coming soon...

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  1. At last! Have been hanging out for a Tikki fix lol. The t-shirts are very cool :) Would love to see some more size 2 boys shorts G...hint, hint!


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