Saturday, February 02, 2008

champagne breakfasts....yawn!!!

gee, I'm wee bit tired. We had an early one this morning, well early for us on a Saturday morning.  9am for a champagne breakfast to celebrate a friend's little boy's first birthday ~ Happy Birthday Henry!!!  Drinking champagne so early in the morning creates a sort of lazy tired  "I can't be buggered doing anything" fuzz for the rest of the day. Lily and Andy are both sleeping, not that either of them actually drank champagne. I'm supposed to be sewing but lacking in motivation decided to have a chai instead and found myself here.

So have I shared this apron before? I really like it, especially the polka dot apple pocket. I made it for a lovely little girl called Isobel. She also scored this outfit made from some more gorgeous Sis Boom fabric.  I do love this blue!!

Having lost my laptop I still don't know whether I'm coming and going. I'm switching between using the iBook and the iMac, which makes it difficult with pics all over the place. but hey least I still have some computer access.

Slowly getting into some sewing again, finishing off a very very very special custom which I shall share pics with you next week, Megsie's work on this will absolutely blow you away ~ it's an awesome little outfit. Getting a bit of stock up for the store too, I'm going to random stock for February, should be something there in the next few days. 

I've just been trawling through the photos in this computer and I came across this from April 2004.

Topical really, when Fiji's just been hit by another horrendous cyclone that their "early warning" devices didn't alert them to. Nothing new there.  This is a small island in the Yasawa group, Naviti, to the north west of Viti Levu and west from Vanua Levu. It's pretty remote, no flash resorts there and this is the aftermath of a cyclone which we had no warning about either. A bloody scary experience.  Imagine riding out a cyclone in a bure. That dirty water was previously a beautiful long white-sand beach.  

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  1. You are so talented Tikki. How decadent champers for brekki! I'd be asleep for most of the day if it was me :D


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