Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and so some knitting...

it's lateish at night... as usual and I find myself in the strange position of sitting here knitting. Lily has just gone to sleep after spending the evening bossing me into knitting her Jemima doll some overalls, she's been attempting to do so herself with a pair of toy needles and a tiny ball of kitchen cotton. Given that she's two and can't actually knit you can probably guess that she didn't really achieve anything... but I am pretty proud of her for her pattern selecting abilities.  
I got out a bag of 8ply leftovers and she selected a charming ball of bright bright orange for Jemima... then proceeded to sort through the rest of the balls and tell me what I was going to knit her with each of the balls.

So given I'm knitting I thought I'd share some recent finished knitting pieces

Yarn  Cleckheaton Merino Spun 1.1 balls (110grams)
Needles 8mm Knit Picks
Mods  none really, except that I choose to wear it stocking stitch out and don't often use a little clasp.

This yarn I bought on sale at Spotlight for 50cents a ball so this little cardy has cost me 55cents in total LOL I finished it in November but have only recently got decent shots. I've worn this heaps over the summer and am really pleased with how well the yarn has worn. It's a great yarn, almost acceptable as a replacement for Merino Supreme ... but of course, now they're discontinuing this as well *rolls eyes*

Yarn  Monster Knits Nundle Mills sock yarn in 'Spring Hippy' colourway
Needles 2.25mm Milward dpns for cuffs and 2.75mm Rosewood dpns for foot
Mods  I started these socks on 2.25mm dpns but when I'd just finished the cuffs I dropped one down a gap in the decking. There was no way Andy was ripping up our extremely well secured decking for a knitting needle so I continued on with a 2.75mm. Luckily my firm to tight knitting meant this was a perfect size and these socks are a perfect fit!!!

I really like this pattern, the lace cuffs are really cute; it's very easy but still has a bit of interest with the panels down the side.  The only thing I didn't really like about the pattern, which was otherwise quite detailed and precise, was the lack of directions as to where to do the gusset decreases.  I did them just the same as a past pair of socks and did them on the lower part of the gusset but notice in the pics that the pattern author has the decreases along the top... oh well!!!

The yarn has knitted up well, a few poolings but I don't mind the effect. It is really soft against the skin.

Lastly, not knitted but knitting related. This is a little dpn needle roll I made to house all my little needles that end up rolling around everywhere in various bags and baskets.


  1. wow you have been busy.I love the socks very pretty. And that needle roll looks fantastic!

  2. love the socks! they look lush


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