Tuesday, February 19, 2008

being set to work

she's a bit of a bossy one this one.  As soon as I was back in my sewing room sewing this year Lily's been in there combing through my fabric stash and requesting that I make her dressses, tshirts, shorts, trousers, skirts... you name a garment and she's found the fabric for it.

so of course, being the doting mummy I am I relented. She chose this gorgeous fairy fabric, which she's been wanting to be made into a dress for ages. My mum gave it to me after one of her many visits to a quilt and craft show.  It began its life as a fat quarter and I found two other fat quarters in the stash in the gorgeous Japanese quilters cotton that I used for the back and hem trim.  

It's a little big at this stage, as I made it for her to grow into. i don't want gorgeous fabric like that used for a dress that will only fit for a season, this one will fit for many!!!

She wore it shopping in town and seriously we had about five people stop us in the space of an hour to comment (nicely of course!) on her dress!!!

Lily gave it her resounding tick  of approval. She wore it to music and kept interrupting the class to ask the teacher if she'd seen her pretty dress and did she like it *oops*


  1. oh i love it tik:)bet mum will too. Looking forward to getting the scraps of that ace spotty stuff lol

  2. that is a real cute dress it is no wonder people have stopped you in the street ... lucky gal


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