Friday, December 07, 2007

Woolaholics Kitchen Cool Swap

I realised I haven't posted pics of what I made for this swap, you saw the fabulous gift I received from Lucretia.

This is what I sent off to Shona

These odd little squashed ball things are called tribbles, which is basically a flash name for a pot scrubber. I found two different patterns for them, so made one from each pattern. They're subtly different in not only size but also construction.

A papillion dishcloth made from Lily Sugar'n'Cream cotton, colourway Lavender Ice.

Rainbow garterlaec dishcloth made from Rainbow Bright Sugar'n'Cream cotton.

And a felted bowl made from some random handspun yarn that I have way too much of and really isn't useful for much else other than felting. Good thing it makes good bowls, as I'll be making a few more of these LOL


  1. i love that bowl tikki! if your wondering what the kids would like for chrissy i think one of those bowls would be great. cheeky aren't I:)

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