Monday, November 12, 2007

Gotta love swaps :D

Gee I love swaps!!! :D

My Woolaholics Kitchen Cool swap arrived today, yipee!! and it is so perfect for me and arrived at just the right time, it is unreal!!!

Wrapped in this cute little basket (won't this make a great little project bag!) were two mug cosies, complete with mugs, and two gorgeous cotton dishcloths, both of which are too lovely to use as dishcloths. Isn't the tree one amazing, Lily thinks it is a dolly rug, so we are arguing over who that is really for.

Mug cosies are perfect for me as my cuppa always seem to get cold before I actually get around to drinking it, so these will be well used. Even Andy commented on how appropriate they are for me! And these are just gorgeous, I love the stitch pattern on them, and the yarn is lovely and soft too.

Dishcloths ~ guess what broke down on the weekend? Yep, our dishwasher so I now have the abhorrent task of washing dishes by hand until it gets fixed. I have dishes to do now, and I am actually looking forward to it as I can try out my new dishcloths. What good timing for their arrival!

So a big big thank you to my swapper, it's a great pressie and I love it!!!!!

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