Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Some cute pics from one of Lily's daily drawing sessions, she takes it very seriously!!! She's been doing some wonderful drawings and crafting lately. I was presented with a beautiful picture of some flowers and crunchy carrots yesterday, she'd put little smiley face stickers in the middle of the flowers ~ very cute!!

Somehow she's mastered the art of using scissors, I've tried to teach her a couple of times but hse's never really got it. Then a week or so ago she picked up a pair and just started snipping no worries.... the only problem is that Lily loves to help. Last night I was cutting out some fabric and had put the cut pieces aside, and turned around five minutes later to find her helping to cut them too. *oops*


  1. OMG! She looks all grown up!! Just adorable! :D

  2. She does look as though she is very good at cutting, and I think I would have been very upset if my fabric had been cut. I remember when my daughter learnt to cut and thus snipped a square in my curtains in the laundry. She said she needed it for one of her dolls. I will always remember it though and now it makes me laugh, and the curtains are still hanging in the laundry with the little square snipped out in the centre too.

  3. gorgeous tikki:) what a clever girl Lily is


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