Thursday, December 27, 2007

some Christmas gifting..

Now that Christmas and most of the gift giving is over I can share some pics. I've been a little quiet over the festive season as we've been away visiting all the family. Still have a couple to go this weekend...

I've also been absent as I've been computerless. You see, in amongst all the festivities, my laptop happened to over indulge in a little bit of the liquid amber, unfortunately he hasn't recovered :( Luckily Andy is allowing me to use his Mac laptop, he went into work today just to get it for me.... the sweet boy. I think it was mainly so I didn't touch his precious big Mac. The only prob is that I haven't been able to recover all my emails, they used to go to outlook express now they're going to entourage but i can't access all the ones that have already gone to outlook... not sure if I can which is a real PITA.

So some pics, Lily in her special Christmas outfit, I had to smuggle this into the washing machine as she wanted to wear a Christmas outfit everyday in the lead up. Luckily she still fits last year's angel tee and shorts and she could be convinced to wearing that while her skirt and singlet dried.


Andy's annual pj shorts, nice and long ~ gosh thos fabric was super soft which he really loved.

Some baby doll tops for the very gorgeous Tahlia and Zoe whom Lily had an absolute ball playing with. Two of the most delightful little girls you could ever meet.

two crayon rolls, without their full quota of crayons for two cute little tots Nikayla and Will.

And a little ruffle skirt for a dolly and Strawberry Shortcake loving Demi complete with matching clips and a matching skirt for her baby born doll.

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  1. cute stuf tikki but i must admit i was hoping those shorts were for asher lol


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