Friday, December 14, 2007

some overdue pics of our christmas custom

Megsie reminded me today that I hadn't posted any pics of our pikki tint sweet chocolate dot christmas custom, so here they are ~ the completed set!! i have a very gorgeous photo of the beautiful little girl who is the new owner of this outfit to go up on our gallery when we update it. It really does look gorgeous on her!

And this is just some beautiful fabric for Fabric Friday (yes, I'm mkaing that one up but hey, why not?!) Jealous Megsie?????


  1. oh damn tik that fabric is just devine! I am sooo jealous. Unless of course your planning onmaking something fromtully with it lol :)

    thanks for posting pics of the sets. It sure did come up lovely. The skirt is just the cutest. Now you've posted you best get back to the machine and work on tully's skirt :b

  2. That Christmas set is divine! Well doen to you and megsie. You are really are two clever chooks.


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