Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Cutest Little Mermaid!!!

Lily has her first dressup party tomorrow, bravely I asked her what she'd like to go as. Given that she has two sets of fairy wings, a fairy dress, a set of angel wings and a ballerina tutu I was pretty sure it would be something along those lines. Nope, a mermaid she says. So it's off to Spotlight we go to collect some supplies.

I can't believe I actually went to Spotters and came home with a bag full of satin, tulle, mesh and panne velvet (all for dressup costumes for Christmas pressies) it's like a knitter coming home with a bag full of acrylic and novelty yarn ~ well for me anyway LOL

Anyway, this afternoon we dragged out the dancetime satin and the rhumba mesh (hmm, no guessing what these fabrics are used to create usually) a bit of padding for the tail, and we had this little number whipped up in no time!!! We chose the rhumba mesh as we thought the ruched ribbon and tinselly stuff looked a bit seaweedish. I'm really pleased that it actually came out looking exactly like I envisaged AND that Lily LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!!

Practice dressup run ~ found a bikini top in a bag of hand me downs and the blue wig from my dressup box. I did have a bikini top weaved out of grass but she said that was too uncomfortable even though it was gorgeous!!!!

If anyone's interested I'm happy to put up instructions for how I made it :D


  1. that is just too darn cute! Lily looks just gorgeous!

  2. Lily makes just the most adorable mermaid ever, of course the blue hair really sets off the whole outfit. Hope she has fun!

  3. She has to be the cutest mermaid I have seen. The blue wig is just so cute on her too. You are very clever making such an excellent dress up costume.

  4. OH WOW! this is fabulous! Don't you just love it when a project comes out just as imagined. Well done!
    I would love some instructions if you have the time.


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