Sunday, November 04, 2007

some random stuff

which is pretty much the way my mind is functioning at the moment, it's a bit all over the place, suffering from taxation time strain I suspect. Every year I promise myself I'll do the tax early, but of course I get complacent and think, "ahh, there's plenty of time," and end up doing it in the last week of October. This year takes the cake though.... I finished it at 8pm October 31st. Only four hours to spare.

Next year I will do it early...... I promise!!!!

the good thing is that the return will arrive at a time when we really need it, Christmas!

I've been doing a bit of sewing for Lily lately, which has excited her no end, as she desperately wanted a dancing dress and skirt. I was able to convince her that this skirt was a great dancing skirt, made with some lovely Amy Butler Belle and cotton spot fabric. It is very gorgeous on her but she managed to spill a tub of yoghurt all over herself before I could get a photo of her in it.

I also finally finished her carousel dress. I wasn't overly happy with the fit of it, so I changed the straps so they go straight over the shoulders and shaped the bodice a little more at the sides to make it narrower. Perfect fit now and apparently classifies as a dancing dress. Big brownie points for Mummy!! No photo but shall add a modelling shot soon :D

And here's a little work in progress, a little denim wrap around skirt. I'm really happy with this litte design as it is slim fitting but being a wrap around gives plenty of room for playing, I am quite stoked with myself. You can expect to see these coming to the store in the future. I've decided to hand stitch a water lily on the bottom corner for something different, just have to find/draw the right one.

And while she had Mummy's sewing attention Lily demanded I make her a skirt out of her strawberry fabric, I thought she meant some strawberry quilters cotton I have. Nooo, she meant her strawberry shortcake flannelette... we had to have a discussion about how that fabric was for making pajamas not skirts. She was quite happy with her new PJs but still insisted she wanted a skirt from the leftovers... I hid them.

My plans for today were some fabric washing. Given that it's bucketing down and there are flood warnings out for the local rivers, forecast is heavy rain, so it's not going to happen. I have some pinnie denim that needs washing as well as this box of op shop scores from our recent trip to the bush. Some country op shops are crap, but some are absolute gems!! All unused fabrics, love the black patterned seersucker (still labelled) and the green brushed cotton.

Also need to wash these Cosmo fabrics that finally lured me into Spotlight, the bottom one was reduced to $5 a metre!!!! That is just insane!!! I think I might be back for some more of the top two as I think I might make myself something from them.

And other far less colourful fabric shopping, the supplies for two little flowergirl dresses in satin and tulle.

Check out this wonderful tablecloth that was my Mum's. There's enough there to make something for Tully and Lily, I'm just pondering what though. Any ideas??

And this is Andy's new blue water diving suit. The fabric design is pretty cool. In the background you can see one if his other suits ~ for diving crap Victorian waters (which apparently is called a temperate water suit). How amazing is the camouflage!!

There is some knitting happening, mostly endless rows of the mohair wrap that is progressing nicely. It will be finished soon. In the meantime, some more op shop finds, dpns in original tags ~ 10cents. These are lovely to knit socks with!!


  1. the flower girl dresses look like they'll be lovely tik. especially love the amy butler skirt and the wrap around.

  2. you are so clever (and multi-talented). I made Amber a flower girls dress for my sisters wedding out of that same pattern . It came out surprisingly good, considering I'm not a great sewer.


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