Tuesday, November 06, 2007

cup day

it's cup day and for the first time ever, Andy has the day off. He's snuck out to his workshop with the aim of working on some of his media and film work. Lily however, is pretty stoked about this and is now out there bugging him to paint with her in her fairy dress... at least he doesn't have to wear the angel wings like she made him on Saturday LOL

the house is spotlessish and I'm hanging out in the sewing room finishing off some pieces. There are baby doll tops and pinnies that just need minor things like buttons, straps or ricrac. I also spent Sunday afternoon cutting out a mass of shorts which are ready to sew up, so I'm anticipating getting something done today!

This afternoon, we're planning a bike ride together which will be heaps of fun!

Anyway, three pieces finished and ready to pop up this afternoon to celebrate cup day.

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