Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas plans...

I don't think I can do clothes in traditional Christmas fabrics,I've only ever bought one Christmas fabric, and that was by pure accident. I didn't realise it was a Christmas fabric. It was pretty subtle. Anyway, I think Christmas fabric sort of goes against my idea of clothes that you can get maximum wear out of.
Instead I've decided to create some pretty dresses, tops and shorts in fabrics that remind me of Christmas colours that can be worn all year round... weather permitting of course!
So this 'Strawberry Fields for..Christmas' is the first piece. I love this strawberries, reminds me of summer, and strawberries in champagne. Tomorrow I shall have a red vintage seersucker with black cherries frill to go up. :) Also maybe some more shorts.

I've set myself the goal of updating our ozebaby gallery. We've decided we'd like the gallery to showcase the clothes on kiddies. As much as we love our kids and we all know they are incredibly gorgeous, we thought having some photos of some other children in our gear would be great too! So if you have a great shot and are happy to have a photo of your child appear on our gallery please email your photo to by the end of December. (335 x 450 would be a good size) Everyone that enters will go into a draw, and Lily will randomly select a winner to receive a small grab bag of goodies. She very likely may have selected some of the goodies too!

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  1. Just beautiful Tikki - a certain little girl is going to look fab on Chrissy day! ;)


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