Thursday, November 15, 2007

i like powderfinger

I do.

I don't listen to music as much as I used to anymore, but I still like powderfinger. I'm listening to them now because they're playing their live Karatha gig on tv... a big gig. I remember going to see them..ooh it must be 10 years ago when they weren't so big and seeing them in small venues. Man, must be showing my age saying stuff like that. Bernard Fanning is still pretty cute though.

Took the little Rainbow girl shopping on the weekend to buy her little friend Charlie a third birthday present. She wanted to get him a fairy stamp, we settled on a little flick drum and a copy of Charlie the Chick. I made the mistake of taking her into a surf shop, she spotted the havaianas, and insisted on having a pair. She would not settle for a pair with the straps that go behind the heels she had to have a proper pair of "fongs". She is totally in love with them, and made me put mine on when we got home. This is where I found them tonight, lined up together...this photo is supposed to show how cute and tiny a pair of toddler havaianas are, but I guess my size 5/6 ladies pair don't really illustrate that huh!

Ooh, and look at our little visitor in the mail box. We had a frog living in our mailbox for a couple of months earlier this year, sadly this smiley little fellow was only there for a day.

I've been muddling away on some big knitting projects for so long, mainly the wedding wrap, that I feel I haven't really got anything accomplished. It is getting quite long and isn't too far off being finished but something in me felt like a bit of instant gratification. So I decided to whip up this little cropped cardigan in some bulky weight yarn on 8mm needles ~ a quick knit that took about five hours max. The yarn I got on sale at Spotters for 50cents a ball, it took 110grams to make, so a total cost of 55 cents. I wasn't too sure about this yarn but it has washed up quite nicely. I should get a shot of this top on as it does look much better on, I'm definitely going to get my 55 cents worth out of it.

Look at this beautiful local yarn; it's all Pear Tree merino and Lara Down kid mohair ~ very yummy. i love the colours of the pear tree, the tones are just awesome . These are for some baby knits, but I think it might make pretty good sock yarn too!

op shop goodness ~ We visited an op shop that I don't normally go to because of its location, I had assumed it would be exie and be pretty much done over. The rack of "vintage clothing" did have me concerned but hidden away were some tubs of 20cent sewing patterns. I think these are some of my favourites yet, I love the school tunic. And yes, I know I'll probably never make it, but how could I leave that behind!!!

And I love the shirred bodice and sleeeves on the third dress here!

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