Sunday, November 11, 2007

damn those cats

I hate cats.

I particularly hate my neighbour's cats.

Unfortunately, they love our yard. This doesn't make for a very pleasant relationship between me and the cats.

Our garden is native. The area we live in has been classified Land for Wildlife, which is pretty good for a housing area, there was a conscious effort by the developer to create ample greenbelts flowing through the area and plant out lots of indigenous plants. It's really quite lovely and one of the main reasons we chose to live here. You can hear lots of frogs, not just in the little lake, but in our garden too. And we get plenty of native birds visiting.

My neighbour has two cats. She doesn't lock them in at night, despite the night curfew on cats, because they scratch on the door to get out. *roll eyes* The little buggers visit our garden and dig in it, crap in it and flatten bushes where they sleep. Sometimes when I'm chasing them out of our yard I swear quite loudly at them only to notice my neighbour across the road glaring at me

Worst of all, yesterday morning we awoke to cat spew on our back deck ~ gross!!!


  1. Lots of water.
    Keep a pot of water by your door, and when you see the cat, sneak up really nicely, "hey pussy pussy, nice pussy pussy etc" Then throw your water over them.

    This is an effective and quiet way to keep cats out of your yard!

    Whilst I love cats, I get annoyed with neighbours cats too, and I use the water one all the time ;).

  2. I dislike cats too Tikki, for the same reason :( we have deliberately planted natives and bird attracting plants to, well, attract birds! and I have lost count of the amount of cats we get in our yard, using the boys play area as a toilet, spraying, etc, etc. There is a product you can buy which is supposed to repel cats (we tried it and it works but you have to keep applying it so it can get expensive). It's natural - citrus I think as they don't like it - but can't recall the name. Other than that throw things at them. LOL

  3. so your cat statue thingie doesn't work hey. lol

    yucko to cat spew. ewwwwwww!

    i hate them too

  4. been there done that with the water; not effective!!! not a chance of luring the cats anymore thy're always on guard and ready to flee. I think they've had too many things thrown at them LOL

    Lily has adopted the cat statue and it is now in the sandpit, the cats never go in the sandpit so maybe it does work. LOL They also now come in the backyard whereas before she stole it they only went in the front.


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