Monday, October 19, 2009


I love the journey that is a shawl, the way it grows and transforms from such a little bit of yarn into such a fluttery delicate piece.

I've been knitting Ishbel, a shawl pattern from the fabulously talented Ysolda Teague.  I love her patterns, she has such a fabulous eye or detail.  

I've had this lovely skein of Lara Downs Kid Mohair, which is another of my local yarns, in my stash for a really really long time. I bought it on sale with no idea of really what to do with it. It was just too soft and lush to leave behind.  It seemed to lend itself well to this pattern, although I was concerned about the yardage on the ball band, it seemed quite short for 100grams so I assumed it must be wrong. But no, I was wrong.  And I ran out of yarn.

Luckily, I ran out just at the end of a lace section repeat with just the finishing section and cast off to go. I took a risk and decided to do the finishing in a creamy white merino. I looked like it may pick up the little bit of cream running through the colourway. It came out more of a contrast.  But I like it. 

So the transformation of the shawl looked something like this.

Knitting finished.  All bumpy and rolly.

Blocking: washed and pinned out to dry.

I love how this part of the process really brings the lace to life.

All done and ready to wear.


  1. wow that turned out lovely.

    I'm about to cast off my first proper shawl (revontuli) so will have to learn how to block. Any tips to share?

  2. It looks really beautiful. I also love the process of blocking, it's like when a butterfly first comes out of the coccoon, then the butterfly gets to spread its wings.

  3. Oh I love it!! And THAT's how you block? Oh ;) Gorgeous shawl

  4. Kris, there's a great thread in the Aussie Shawl group on Rav. I find threading some white cotton/thread along the spine and base first and pinning those out with loads of pins works well. Measure and pinout scallops.

    That's how you block a shawl, claire ;)


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