Tuesday, October 20, 2009

new duds

It must be Spring. I think I'm in Spring cleaning mode.  Yesterday, I washed down the open shelves in the kitchen. I mowed the lawn. I baked biscuits, pie and cupcakes. Heck, I even made homemade orange and lemon cordial. We had an afternoon picnic.  Now I have an overwhelming urge and need to clean the craft room and get rid of some half finished projects. 

First up, a pair of denim pants I cut out for Lily in April. yep April.  I cut a pair out for both of the kids but Toby's won't fit him now. Lily likes to wear a lot of longer tops, dress style tops, over her pants. Well, she did in April. So I decided to make her a straight leg pair of pants.

Lily helped with these, she chose the fabric for the pockets and then bossed me to get a move on with finishing them.  She chose well.  Little Red Ridinghood, a lovely Japanese print.

She loves them very much.  Definitely her new favourites, which always makes a mummy very very happy.  She has also picked out the fabric for her next couple of pairs, as well as a skirt, some dresses, some matching outfits for her and the dolls .... you get the picture.  

Jemima got some new duds too, another embarrassing very old UFO *blush* I'll share that story later maybe..

And as for Toby, he got new old.  Made by me though. These are a very very old pair that I made that were handed back to us from Asher.


  1. I love a bit of pocket bling on kiddies pants - so cute!

  2. ohhh look at how big that boy is! Better watch out or Ash willbe demanding his "shorts" back lol.

    Miss Lily looks adorable as ever. cute cute cute!

  3. How nice to have such a productive week! Cute pants too.

  4. Love the new jeans. I wish I could make them in my size, with those pockets too. Aewsome.

  5. biscuits, pie and CUPCAKES!! yum!
    Cutie pants as always :) Looks like we might make the fair tomorrow, In Laws cancelled... woo hoo!!!

  6. gorgeous! love your blog! love that fabric...I have some scraps tucked away somewhere, I'm always finding cute fabrics like that tucked away in my stash!

    gorgeous! love your patterns, hoping to whip some up soon!



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