Friday, October 30, 2009

it's friday ... breathe ...

It's been one of those weeks here, you know those ones where you've got something on everyday, you're out more than you're home and before you know it, it's Friday and you really haven't had time to catch your breath. 

To be honest, the whole term, the four weeks since we've been back from our holiday, have been a bit like this.  The dreaded swine bug seemed to have infiltrated our family on the boat back from Tassie and it took a good three weeks before we were able to evict him from our home.  I'm finding now that I'm craving some precious free time, just a bit of time with no deadlines, no pressures to be somewhere or get something done, just some down time to do what I want, some precious bonding time just watching and playing with the little ones.  Some peace and some time to relax where I'm not thinking about that crazy out of control washing pile that still is yet to be conquered.

So this whirlwind of craziness started out with this peaceful and calming family day out last Saturday, a really lovely relaxing afternoon at the Freshwater Creek Steiner School's Spring Fair and Market.  A great little fair, very relaxing and such a lovely educational environment. I have mixed feelings about Rudolph Steiner's education philosophy and pedagogy, but nevertheless, the atmosphere and sense of community at this little place is lovely and we had a really lovely afternoon.

Lily's favourite part of the day was, of course, having her face painted by the lovely fairy Melody. I love the serious and almost pained expression she has during the painting.  It was all worth it though,  a very cute outcome.

It's been Children's Week, which has had Lily very excited. "We get a whole week!" she exclaimed. Yep, while poor old mumma and daddy get a day.  This has meant a few extra activities and outings added to the normal weekly curriculum. 

Hopefully after the weekend the sanctum of peace will return.   

Oh and the badge Lily is wearing, is one of our few home activities for the week.  It's a Woodland Doll-head Brooch that I bought in kit form from One Red Robin back at the Stitches and Craft show in March.  Lily and I had good fun making this little one.  

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  1. Ooh, I know just what you mean! We've had a really hectic couple of weeks here too, with more to come.


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