Friday, October 16, 2009

gossamer dreams

Finally, I've had the chance to do a little sewing; the craft room is tidy, I have new denim all prewashed and lots of ideas and plans and Toby is getting to be okay with the idea of hanging around playing while Mummy sews. At first, he just needed to investigate all the noise, the pedals and attempt to reach all the buttons which obviously needed to be pushed.  But after awhile he wandered off to dismantle a bookshelf instead.  This a vast improvement from the old scenario where Mummy sits down at sewing machine, Toby decides he must be on Mummy, sewing time over. LOL  

I wonder if it's his new found freedom with walking.  Coincidentally, his mastering the art of walking has coincided with a love of books, which really does make my heart sing. Lily has always been a book worm right from her first book being read to her at a few hours old. yep. Toby, however, has always been way too busy to contemplate sitting down to a good book, he'd quickly escape and be off!  But the past six weeks since he started walking full time he just loves them, he giggles at the pictures and grins his little head off while you read to him.  The other day while I was sewing he waltzes over with a little hardback of Little Miss Muffet and hands it to me to read to him, so cute. We read and he laughs and giggles at every page turning.  It is so cute to see sitting down, quite often squatting, and flipping through the pages of a book.

Anyway, as I said I have been sewing.  In fact some of it appeared at a little stocking last night at Gossamer Dreams.  Sorry about the lack of notice things are hectic busy around here at the moment.  

Some denim shorts made with my lovely new denim, which apparently I forgot to mention the other day is ORGANIC!!! Yummo!!  Pockets are made from Prints Charming's '70's Trees-Cars' quilters cotton.

And some funky little denim flares with pockets from Jackie Shapiro's quilters cotton 'Botanical Pop'.

As it has been easier for me to knit than sew of late, I added a couple of knitted garments too.

A oh so bright red milo vest with matching mini milo for a dolly. I love this.

and a small version of bloom in a lovely white merino yarn. It's still available over there if you're interested.

right now I'm torn between finishing off a pair of knitted doll's overalls or sewing up a pair of denim pants for Lily which have been cut since April *eep* Luckily I added extra growing room length to the legs. The pair I cut for Toby at the same time, however, certainly won't fit. Luckily he's wearing standard sizings so I can make them up for the shop, unlike Lily's where I have to customise the pattern each time.  

But first off all, I best hang out some washing. The sun seems to have appeared, for what will probably be only five minutes, in amongst this crazy rain we've been having this week.  Flood warnings, goodness me!!


  1. You have had a busy month - well done and good luck with the sales:)

  2. Its all lovely! The botanical pop trousers are coming to live here ~ YAY!! 'cept everyone will ask me if I made them, um noooo *hang head* There's only one Tikki!


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