Sunday, August 30, 2009

a little unfinished business...

I've been a naughty little blogger and haven't posted for 10 days!! And tonight I got a little prod to remind me to post, so here I am.

Today was a wonderfully sunny but cold day in the groovehood.  We spent the morning and early afternoon in the backyard enjoying a picnic prepared by Lily and a game of hopscotch, or as she calls it hotchscotch.  It was a dress-up picnic, have you been to many of those? I have.  I was instructed I needed to wear my pettiskirt to this one.
Anyway, while wrapped in our shawls sipping hot chai I remembered that I had never taken photos of this finished shawl.  You might remember the amazing ball of yarn this started out as.  The 300 odd stitches in each row by the end.  Me running out of yarn with a quarter of the cast off to go?  A few metres short of yarn.   No, you don't remember.  That's okay, it probably wasn't as scarring for you as it was for me.

I did get to finish it without frogging. I stalked Australian knitters on Ravelry who had recently knit with the kauni and sussed out from their projects what colour they had cast off in. I needed green or yellow.  I was in luck. The lovely Lis has knit this same shawl, she cast off in green.  She had some left over. She responded to my begging. I love Lis, she is the frogging saviour :D

I have to admit after finishing this sucker it sat in the knitting basket for, oh so many months before I finally blocked it.  Keepinh the kids out from under your feet while blocking a shawl isn't easy.  I blocked it on a single mattress that was placed on my bed during the day and then back on the sewing room floor during the night.

It was such an addictive knit.  The beautiful vibrant colours, the enticement of the ever changing rainbow and the gradual unfolding of the pattern. I was totally transfixed awaiting to see how the colour changes panned out in relation to the yo rows.

If only this yarn wasn't so coarse and harsh to knit with. I had to put this project down on a number of occasions as the yarn rubbed my tensioning finger, like kitchen cotton does. 

Golly gosh, it was worth it though. We love it. The rainbow child and I decided to share it.  Sometimes she lets me wear it.

Yarn:  Kauni Effektgarn 8/2 EQ, 170g (+ extra gram or so from Lis) from Jolly Jumbuck
Needles: Knit Picks 5.5mm
Mods: none

Promise not to leave it so long between posts next time. I have loads of crafty goodness to catch you up on, mostly knitting ;)


  1. It's very very lovely Tik. Why the no show of your face though :-P

  2. Oh Tikki, that is just divine! I hope you didn't mind me poking you lol!!!

  3. Wow that is stunning, I am so glad you blogged this :-)

    How long do you reakon it took to knit?

  4. awww thanks!
    I am so glad I could help ;)
    It looks great!

  5. Wow! Those shots make me miss afternoon teas at your place. The shawl is lovely, the rainbow colours are fabulous!

  6. Looks lovely and sounds like you had a great morning and afternoon in the sun.

  7. oh tik its wonderful!!
    and you been out in your pettiskirt with your army boots yet? :p

  8. It's beautiful, well done. Just stunning

  9. That is a beautiful shawl! So glad you managed to get the last bit of yarn to cast off with.


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