Saturday, August 15, 2009

testing, testing, one, two, three ...

kniiting time of late has involved a fair bit of pattern testing; some for me and some for others.

this is one of someone else's; uber cute little mitts in 8 ply yarn for kiddies by Shortly.   
These are an awesome little knit, very quick and used somewhere between 30 and 40 grams of wool; hard to tell on my very retro and cool as scales, but not highly accurate for little numbers like that.

I am really honoured that Sheryl has named these the milo mitts, as the cable on them matches the milo vest. How cool is that!!  This little pattern will be available some time this month, so keep an eye out for it.

You should also check out some of Shortly's other designs on Rav, she has some awesome sock patterns. One of my next cast ons will be the toddler socks for Lily.

I knit them on my teeny tiny 9 inch(23cm) circular needle which was heaps of fun.  I think I actually like the HiyaHiya more than the addis for short length circs as the tips are so short. The 9 inch was just as easy, if not easier, as the 12 inch addis.

It's into the mail for these little beauties as they fly their way off to keep a little schoolgirl's hands warm but still allow her to pick flowers on her walk to school. 


  1. oh tik they are awesome! the little school girl will love them. She's into hunting through gumnuts in search of gumnut babies on her walk to and from school these days, so they will certainly keep her fingers free. O and I won't get growled at for them not matching her uniform like I did the other day *rolls eyes*

  2. They look great - I hope their recipient enjoys her morning walks with these on :)

    If I shake a tail feather the pattern will be posted later today :)


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