Tuesday, August 04, 2009


aww, this is very sweet and tiny. A cute little dolly cardigan designed for a cute little doll. A 40cm(16 inch) tall doll to be precisely, the gorgeous Waldorf style dolls from poppy, bean and bloss.  If you read Michelle's blog, you'll have seen that her dolls will now come with their own version of this little cardie.

Finding a model in our house wasn't so easy though.  Lily's Waldorf style doll, while the same measurements around the chest, was shorter with shorter arms.

Ironically, the best model I could find was a Disney princess named Belle, who loves her new cardigan.  shhh, don't tell Steiner. 
ahh, it's been so lovely to knit some dolly clothes again, this is where I did my first designing as  a wee one.  I think there may just be a few more dolly knits on the horizon. 
Oh and shh, don't tell anyone I knit this in acrylic either ;)   


  1. You are wonderful and the pattern is perfect!

  2. Belle is looking awesome tik. Now for the leg warmers and shorts with the little ties you made as a kid hey


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