Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ultimate longies

Another test knit from someone else's pattern, this time Shannon's

Shannon has just released this pattern, so I thought I would share some pics.  

Firstly, Toby in his pair, knit in DK weight Utiku 'Chocolate Swirl', a discontinued colourway.  His have the bootleg option.  

I have to admit this photo was taken after about the third wash.   I found it really really hard to capture this colourway and Toby's mobility and eating seems to mean his longies are in need of a wash rather often.  He just needs more, hey ;)

I heart this pattern, it really is the perfect mix of increases and short rows. I particularly love the way the waistband works on negative ease (i’m quite partial to a bit of negative ease myself) which means there’s none of that bunching that you get with traditional fitting longies.. Uber clever.  It has a perfect sized rise and neat little gusset crotch, and a wonderful little tut that leaves you with the neatest picked up stitches around your gusset.   

The pattern is written for three different weight yarns and comes in five different sizes with a heap of hemline options to keep you interested.  

so where can you get it?  Ravelry, of course, and Shannon's store on ozebaby, Crafty Desires.

And because I loved the pattern so much I volunteered to do a second pair.  Sadly, these won't fit Toby as they are a size small and are perhaps a little pink for his father's liking. 

These are knit in 12 ply Australian wool dyed with Kool Aid by Lis as part of a Woolaholics swap many moons ago, and can you guess who they're being sent off to?


  1. me me me me:D ...well Sage really! Beautiful tik and love that first pic of the Tobster! Soooo cute

  2. wow they are great!!!! I am really going to have to learn to knit!!

  3. Man the more I see these longies, the more I feel the need to buy the pattern and make some :-)


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