Wednesday, September 09, 2009

fathers' day

oddly enough, and secretly quite aptly, I accidentally titled this post, farter's day.   A lovely relaxing day for our first Fathers' Day with Toby.  This year Lily was totally responsible for choosing a present and you'll never guess what she chose! uh huh, socks!  The most stereotypical fathers' day present ever.  But to her credit, it wasn't just one pair of socks, but a pack of seven pairs. Each with a face depicting a different mood, eg. happy, chillin', wicked, lazy, grumpy.  I suspect they were chosen mostly for the grumpy socks.  She told Andy after he unwrapped them, "Now Mummy and I will be able to see what mood you're in."  Cute.

And the little man of the house spent his first fathers' day practising walking, yep, walking.  He's pretty much got it down pat now and is walking from one end of the house to the other... bugger.  Why is my little baby growing up so quickly?  I want him to be a bubba baby for far longer than this.  no fair. 

Lily has been practising her photographic skills and has been filling the camera with lots of err ...  interesting shots, some rather blurry ones and some interesting subjects. This one, however, is quite cute.  I love the little crumb under the teapot. 


  1. Very cute Georgie - love the "mood" socks!

    Lilly is quite artistic!

  2. very cute photos :) My little darling started walking this weekend two, so cute to see them toddling around, and because hes only learning his walkign is slower than his crawl hehe


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