Wednesday, August 12, 2009

9 months

Toby is 9 months old today.  I'm not sure why, but I think 9 months is one of those age milestone thingies. You know, like one week, one month, 6 months, 12 months, when you stop counting in weeks and start counting in months.  Nine months I think seems significant as theoretically it means the baby has been existing outside for as long as they were inside. Anyone who has had a baby or has basic knowledge of human gestation periods however, knows this isn't quite true.  It certainly isn't for Toby as he hid away for nearly 42 weeks.   Nevertheless, I'm feeling a little mummy moment at my little boy turning 9 months.

He is such a grown up little fellow, he seems to be so quickly leaving behind his baby looks and looks more and more like a little boy everyday. 
His favourite things to do at the moment are drawing (well scribbling) He picked a crayon up while we were up at the block and did a rudimentary scribble. Ever since then if he see pens or pencils he'll pick it up and have a go at it; crawling around outside and trying to eat dirt, stones and leaves; banging things together; watching the washing in the washing machine go round; attempting to get into cupboards and beat the childsafe catches; eating anything he can and trying to steal other people's food; squealing in delight at his sister's antics; cuddling with mumma and riding in a carrier; and playing the guitar. He can actually strum quite well ... usually with one of Lily's dolls. 

Awww, I love him so very very much!!!   The journey so far with our little Tobias has been one of bliss. (of course, after saying that he will probably wake me at 3 am for party time!)

oh, and check out the pants he scored from the Local Love stocking.  
Yes, he's a bit of a smarty pants.


  1. Okay. He is simply ADORABLE!!!

    I thought the same thing about the 9 month mark with my boys, too.

  2. Is he almost walking!?

    He's absolutely adorable Tik, he would make anyone melt with that gorgeous grin.

    P.S sorry I didn't get back to you about those pants! one day my brain may come back and occupy my head again

  3. he is just too cute! and growing up very fast! his grin always gets me, such a beautiful lil man!!

  4. he's walking??wowee he's sure grown up fast, just as gorgeous as Lily :)

  5. He is a cutie!!! And by the sounds of it a very curious and busy boy!!

  6. My daughter turns 9 months in a couple of days too. I'm going through the same thing! He's super cute. Love the picture of him coloring.

  7. thanks everyone I think he's pretty cute too!

    Not quite walking, taking 3 or 4 steps at a time, and very proud of himself... so I guess it won't be long ... bugger

  8. What a cleaver little boy!
    He looks so much litle little boy version of Lily- yet all his own as well!

    Mitch was walking at 10m, and I liked it! It meant they didnt wear out their knees as much!

  9. Your Toby is just beautiful! ...and growing up so fast :)


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