Wednesday, May 13, 2009

six months already ... where the heck did that go?

I can hardly believe that this little smiley dude is six months old today!!!! Man, it's gone fast. I was discussing this with a friend the other day, with your first baby, the first six to twelve months seem to go quite slowly but second time around; bam! I think it's because you're so aware of those milestones with the first one and when they meet them; whereas with the second one you just accept that they happen.

I was woken early this morning, actually about the same time I woke six months ago with the realisation that I was in labour with contractions less than five minutes apart, by an insistent little man who was ready to be awake. This is very unusual for him, I fed him in an attempt to get him to sleep but no joy, so I gave him a taggy blanket to play with. He proceeded to take great delight in rubbing it all over my face, and squeal in utter delight! I gave in and enjoyed the moment :D

Toby has been a terrific baby thus far *touch wood* An absolute joy; happy, content and very entertaining. He's a cute little dude with his expressive eyebrows, they're a family trait from my husband's side. They're quite distinct for a bub, I think all the grandies in the family have them except for Lily. They almost look like they're constantly raised in surprise. So what did he think about reaching his half birthday?
erggh Mum, non plussed really.
So what are his tricks? He can sit as you can see, say Daddy, hello, Lily and num num which is me or my boobs, not quite sure which. He can grin like a banshee (whatever that means), squeal, giggle and loves to interact with other people; he often tries to get a smile out of strangers, he's very friendly. He's on the move when he wants something, a sort of commando crawl thing, and in the past week he's mastered the bum shuffle. No teeth as yet, but there's one that's just about to break through the gum line.
And how cute is this. The adorable big sister who absolutely dotes on her little brother. She's a treasure!


  1. Nawww, he's just so adorable! That six months has sure gone fast, huh? Hopefully my Lily will adore her little brother when he arrives, just as much as your Lily loves Toby ;)

  2. Oh wow he is just awesome!!! His smile made me laugh as soon as the picture loaded - and Lily is smitten isnt she? Glowing and stunning :D

    What a lucky mama - six months since your birthing day, what a day to treasure!!


  3. Yes he is a most scrumptious baby! I can't believe it's been 6 months already, and he is saying stuff! You're doing an amazing job Tik :)

  4. That time has flown by! He is just so adorable though! Next time you look it'll be party-planning time for his birthday!


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