Thursday, May 07, 2009

creative space

ahh, the joys of winter, well, almost winter.  

Here's my creative space for today, and probably a good part of the next few wintery months ahead.  Redgum fire in the combustion stove (low low emissions), test knits at hand along with a block of lovely fair trade dark chocolate and some sweet organic chai in my favourite cup, which I just noticed has been decorated with a sticker by the sticker fairy. hmm.  

I'm sipping my new favourite tea today, I've drank chai for years but my new love is this Tulsi Red Chai Masala; absolutely divine.  And even better, it's caffeine free. Big winner in my books, I don't do caffeine well.

I'm knitting with some gorgeous WOOLganics yarn ( the darker pink) a test knit for a new pattern that is transforming with some help from the Rainbow child's imput, and some old stash yarn which is being transformed into the smallest rainbow dress I've ever knit; for Aurora a Barbie sized doll. I'm knitting it on a nine inch circular needle(23cm) which is the tiniest circular I've even seen!

See my little notebook there, it's where I jot down all my scribbles for my pattern developments.  I like to use a nice notebook.  When Toby started moving around I found him eating a page out of it one day, very handy indeed. It's been lying on the floor all day today and tonight when I went to pick it up I found a special little gift in there, a bit of baby milky chuck, a nice little posset.  How special.

What you can't see in this shot is the dollies surrounding my space as I knit, play with bubs and play Barbies all at the same time. Today I was Belle, I like Belle apparently, she's my favourite because she wears a yellow dress apparently.  

You may also be able to just spy the mandatory clothes horse that maintains its place beside the fire all winter long.

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  1. Ah we have a Jotul in the kitchen and winter is mostly spent there too. However, summer is fast approaching and the humidity is high today!

    Love the earlier pic of you and Toby all asnuggle.

  2. What a lovely spot to spend winter - think that I might come and join you - wish we had a wood heater:( The tea sounds nice - I am not a tea drinker usualy - but might have to give it a try it sounds nice. And yum to chocolate.

  3. The very thing that I spied was the chocolate!

  4. That is my kind of space.

    I get as close as possible to our fire (fake) & sit on the floor for the whole winter.

  5. Wow - you have a sticker fairy too!

  6. oh bliss! Knitting, chai and chocolate. All my favourites. I can't wait till it's cold enough here to light the fire.

  7. Oh, how I wish that I had a wood stove of my very own...

  8. ohhhhh nice and snug george:)

  9. What a toasty, toasty, place. It's reminding me it's cold in my little hidey hole where the computer lives and that the fire is roaring away in the living room, beckoning me to come sit near with my knitting!

  10. What an awesome space! I think there may be an army of sticker fairies around - one lives here too!


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